Wednesday’s Daily Blog

Hi everyone!!

So as we are all aware, it’s Wednesday and there’s about an hour left of it. Today has been fun. As per usual, we had my niece for the day. 
I got a lovely wake up call off Ciara late this morning who was wanting to see me. She climbs on to my bed and gives me a huge cuddle and kiss. I love it when she’s so excited to see me and it truly moves me. We have our usual auntie niece moment before she leaves to go back to the living room. I stay in bed for some time longer as I typically didn’t sleep very well last night. 
My parents had got my niece dressed and my dad took her for a walk to the co-op. She walked to the corner of the fence that surrounds my bungalow and wanted to be put into her trolley as she didn’t like the coldness. It was very cute seeing her wave to us. While she’s gone, I sort myself out in the bathroon ready for her coming back. The next hour or so, I play with Ciara until we have our dinner. I just have a small dinner, I don’t eat much anyway but didn’t really feel like much at the time. Ciara ended up wanting a bit so I saved her some. She also pinched some of my mum’s dinner and was telling us how nice our dinners were. Toddlers never want their own, only want what everyone else has ha ha! Then again, we spent the rest of the time playing. She decided to put liquid lipstick on me... I was quite impressed considering it was her first time and that she is only two years old!! 

Then a little while later, she got a wipe and tried to wipe it off me, bless her little heart. She’s such a good little helper to me. We played little games and it was soon time for Ciara to have her tea. Except she didn’t want any of it. Tbh she hadn’t been feeling so well this last week and yesterday was the first day where she started feeling okay. 
My sister came at about 4:45pm from work to pick up Ciara. We chatted about our day and how Ciara had been. I got a hug off Ciara as they were leaving. My mum went out to help my sister getting into her car with the trolley and Ciara. I love spending time with my family especially Ciara, and I adore her personality. You can read my birthday blog post about her in a previous post which I think you will enjoy as it was such a joy to write. 
Tiredness had already started to kick in so I slowly headed to bed to rest. I caught up on one or two videos on YouTube before the start of the evening’s episodes of soaps. I had a ten minute doze at about half six whilst listening to the news special about Professor Stephen Hawking. He was such an inspiration and his intelligence will never be matched again. RIP and I hope he gets to see all the stars that he was so fascinated with. 
My mum helped me with a shower and then she warmed up my tea as I had a portion of bolognaise that my sister had made. My mum cooked some pasta to go with it, I was impressed with myself for managing to eat it all up. I guess I worked up an appetite from being with Ciara and having a shower. My hair got partly dried and I’ve been in bed resting since. I’ve watched an episode of Sam and Billie Faiers - their mummy diaries (can’t remember its exact name but it’s the second episode I’ve seen). It showed Sam giving a home birth and she looked amazing and so content holding her newborn baby girl who is very cute! Then I watched an episode of Crackin’ On with Chris and Olivia from 2017’s Love Island. It’s certainly an interesting series. Both Chris and Olivia have very strong personalities, both have deep insecurities and have tempers. It was sad to see their rows. They went to Amsterdam and it was funny seeing them on the bike thingy, it looked fun ha ha! 
Well today has been fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading what I’ve been up to. Now I am worn out, a little sore in many places and still trying to get properly warm. I hope to get to slept much better tonight as I have another busy day ahead of me but you will find out in tomorrow’s blog. Thank you for reading and I hope you come back to see my next post. Take care 😘❤️xxx


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