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Being back, and my thoughts on the Neknomination faze.

Ahoy there!  So it's been quite a few days since I last posted and I wanted to let you know what's new in Dinky's World. Not a lot has really happened apart from it was my mums birthday yesterday. She had a nice day which makes me happy. I've been doing my usual, crafting, shopping, working on Dinkykts EDS Diaries and taking each day as it comes.  I am glad that I am back writing again, it's been too long and I have missed it. However after talking to a few people, I'm working on not doubting myself as much and keep on writing. I think when things happen in your life that are negative, you do get kinda lost and unfocused. Like I used to do, I want to use my experiences and emotions to my advantage where writing is concerned. As I'm on a journey to start afresh, take chances when they arise and do the things that I love or inspire me. I know I do need to start believing people when they say they think my writing is good for whatever reason and not worry about …