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My Shortbread Biscuits

Hello peeps,
Back in December of 2013, I made a large batch of shortbread men which I had planned on baking to give as presents. I found the recipe on the Guardian website and I thought was very easy to follow. Here, I would like to share this recipe with you so you can try it too.

It makes about 60 biscuits altogether.
500g salted butter, softened 200g golden caster sugar (plus more to sprinkle) 500g plain flour (plus more to sprinkle) 250g corn flour or rice flour
Preheat the oven to 170'c / fan 160'c / 340'f / gas mark 3 1/2
Using a large bowl and a wooden spoon, or a handheld electric whisker an electric mixer, cream together the butter and sugar, then sift in the flour and cornflower gradually, mixing briefly between each addition, until it binds together. 
Flour your hands and gently knead until smooth (do not overwork).on a floured board, roll out the dough to 5-6mm thick, then cut into your chosen shapes. I used a gingerbread man shaped cutter as it was for Chris…

Colours - Blue's New Album Review

Hello everyone!
It's been a week since my other favourite band - Blue released their new fifth studio album 'Colours'. As always, the guys have not disappointed with this. In fact, I've never been disappointed by them whether it being an album, interview or tour. They've continued to go from strength to strength with their vocals.  To me, Blue have never really gone away as I've followed them both as a band and individually, despite Blue taking a break for a few years. As a fan, I have seen them live - first seeing them at the Smash Hits Polls Winners Party Tour in 2001, their One Love Live Tour in the following year and then on their Guilty Live Tour which was the year after. I saw Duncan performing live at Blackpool Illuminations Switch On which was approximately a year or two later. Antony took part in a stage musical show 'Popstar: The Musical and it came to my home town. Then I last saw Blue on their Roulette Live Tour just two years ago. This will be le…

Children with Gadgets

Hello everyone,
I've been thinking back to a few weeks back when I was having a conversation with somebody. The topic was about kids having technical gadgets like games consoles, kindles, iPads and so on. 
Going back to when I was a child, we didn't have all of these. Yes we had an Atari but that was for the whole family and I was in my teens by the time we got it. I had actual children's toys like Lego, Sindy dolls, and other toys. For the days that it rained or was too cold, I'd spend hours playing with these toys and I enjoyed arts. I'd do painting, making things and writing stories.  I liked to play out on the street with the other kids on the street. There were skipping ropes, pogo sticks and that ball with the rope toy etc. It was so much fun and meant we  learnt how to be creative, socialising and getting the exercise needed. 
Another thing that kinda annoys me is when parents give their little kids kindles and iPads or even putting a DVD on for when they go to …

The Three Rambles!

Hey everyone!
This post is mostly full of randomness but just wanted to share a few thoughts with you all. It is late here - 2am to be precise! Most people who know me know that I often stay up late as my sleeping pattern is awful. 
First ramble - I totally love how this blog now looks, don't you?! My friend spent a bit of her time doing it for me as I cannot remember for the life of me how to do all the cool, gadgety stuff that you can do on here and it's intriguing to see how other people perceive me in this way. The things I had stated I liked are skulls, pink, black and that's pretty much it. I sent her some photos for her to choose from as I could not decide - I can be so indecisive at times! 
My second ramble - Well I've been watching a few behind the scenes videos on YouTube and it has definitely helped make my mind up about my filming and video making. Yes, I have a YouTube channel - check out the link on this blog - and I have been creating videos for about four …

My Review on Backstreet Boys Show Em What You're Made Of Movie

The excitement for the Backstreet Boys Show Em What You're Made Of movie had started a few months earlier. When the band announced that they were doing a documentary, the fans went wild! It was first shown on the Backstreet Boys Cruise 2014, so there were lots of very excited and lucky fans who got to see it first and then it was premiered in the USA, this January 2015. It had lots of good and positive reviews from both fans and critics. I couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about. It was hard trying to avoid clips and previews from fans and whoever else posted bits of it online as I personally wanted it all to be a pleasant surprise. Without giving too much away for those that haven't yet seen it, I'm going to share my thoughts and opinions on it. I really give the movie a ten out of ten; for the entertainment value, the plot and the footage. Watching it, it give me goosebumps when it showed the guys individual background stories. Most of us fans have heard or rea…

Metal Manicure!

Just seen these new nail art... Metal Mani!!
I think they look totally crazy and fabulous!! Although I don't see myself having every single nail decorated with 3D spikes and/or skulls as it could cost a fortune and be impractical, I would love to have them on my ring fingers.
I am always looking for ways to jazz up the black nail varnish and think this is a great way to spike them up! What do you think? Have a look at the picture I've posted and see what you think. Then look at my nails as they are at the moment.
What have you done with your nails that are arty and funky? Especially with black nail varnish...

Child Prodigy

It was just the other day when I came across a documentary by Keith Allen filming James Harries who is now known as Lauren Harries. Does the name ring a bell to you? He was the 80s/90s child prodigy who claimed to know about Antiques. He had thick, curly blonde hair and always wore a dicky bow tie. I'll post a picture of him as a young boy, I'm sure you'll remember him when you see him. Back to the documentary. James is now Lauren after a sex reassignment operation. I actually think she still seems confused and delirious. In fact the whole family are living in a world of fantasy, delirious, disfunctional and delusion. All the way through I kept an open mind, in a way, I kind of felt sorry for them. All those years ago, Mark and Kate must have been really desperate to push their youngest son into the limelight forging a claim that he could do antiquing at such a tender age. I thought it was good that Lauren had counselling during the treatment but when it revealed that her own …

Another Brick In The Wall

One song many of you are familiar with and that's Another Brick In The Wall. It's a shame that only one song that most people have heard of Pink Floyd, as a fan, I appreciate their other songs just as much. Yes, I may be young and female but I love them just as much as someone who was around when they were around in the 60s and 70s. As a young girl, I always remember seeing the video to Another Brick In The Wall but I never understood it. I was into pop music yet I was intrigued. I found it a bit scary for some unknown reason but who’d have guessed I would grow to love them later on in my life?!! The thing I was saying about how A.B.I.T.W is the most known Floyd song, they’ve had 16 top ten UK albums during their time together as a band. So maybe people have forgotten how good they are?? I have a few favourite songs, obviously A.B.I.T.W, Comfortably Numb, Echoes, Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun, Time, and Waiting For The Worms. Ok that is a lot but there are so many tha…


Looking on Facebook, at a page that I ‘Like’ has raised an issue which I hold closely to my heart. The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK has been approached by a production company that is currently in the making its second series of ‘Undateables’. I personally have mix views on the term ‘undateable’ in reference to disabled people on the dating scene. People are trying to steer people away from labelling the disabled from such terminology not reinforcing it. If someone called me as it, I would certainly be upset as I feel it is making me look like a freak. I am all for raising awareness for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but just not this way; this is a negative way to do so. Why can’t there be a more positive way, there is a start with Cherylee (as you are aware from a previous blog post of mine) but it isn’t enough. One idea I have is to create a documentary of various EDS sufferers as in a diary form for a certain period of time to give people (viewers) an insight into what it is like to live with a…