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Juvia's Place!!

Hi peeps!!
Yay it's the weekend!! Hope you're all keeping okay? It's that time of the year where a lot of young ones have been at Kendal Calling which is my local/nearest music festival which I hope they're all had a fab time!  I want to add a new beauty product to my wish list, it's slowly getting longer although I've took the foundation off it for the time being as I still have my current (Makeup Forever) to finish and then use my Elizabeth Arden Mousse one after that.  The new product I think is newly released over here in the U.K. Via I personally had never heard of this beauty brand before until just before when I saw a post about them on the BeautyBay's Instagram feed. It's Juvia's Place. It's a cruelty free brand with vibrant and rich pigmented makeup. I love the packaging, it has that Caribbean vibe to it. The pigments look really vibrant and you can create so many different looks with their palettes from the photos I have se…

Story of My Transition to Beaumont College

Hi peeps! 
So it's been nearly a week since I wrote about disability and dating in my last post, and I felt like I received such lovely comments in relation to it so thank you to those who did comment to me. It's been fifteen years since I left school and I was thinking back to when I was planning my next step after school.  You will all know that I went to a residential college in Lancaster for three years followed by four years at my local sixth form college. I've never really chatted about my journey with planning my next step after school in greater detail so I thought; why not tell you. 😊 At the school I went to, it had a special needs department (I think they call it a different name now) and in there was where I was given a book. This book had all the different residential colleges from all over the uk. It had colleges like Beaumont College (where I went) The National Star College, Hereward College and other colleges alike. I was about fifteen and it was the time wher…

Dating and Disability

Hi peeps!!
How are you doing? I hope you're all keeping well and that life is treating you with love and kindness.  As I've been watching ITV2's Love Island and have continually be surrounded by couples whether it's friends, family or even celebrities, it's really made me think about dating.  Everyone makes it seem so easy and I know it's not, but that's how it looks to me. I'm thirty-two and it's been way too long (much longer than I dare to admit here!) since I dated anyone. I feel it's definitely gotten harder for me. In the last four or five years, my health has deteriorated which means I no longer go out on nights out, I don't go to any clubs and there's rarely a chance for me to meet anyone. Although when I used to go out night-clubbing; meeting someone who was heavily intoxicated, really didn't do any favours and it wasn't my preferred way of meeting someone. A few friends have suggested trying out dating apps/sites but I'…

Happy Anniversary!!

Hi peeps!! 
How are you all doing? So today's blog post, I wrote this in tribute to my sister's wedding anniversary and they're celebrating six years of being husband and wife. To me; they are like the traditional fairytale. They met when they were both young, spent the next so many years buying their house, working hard and enjoying themselves. He then proposed to her over Christmas which of course led to their engagement for the next year to two years. That time was spent preparing for the wedding; hen do's, stag do's and so on. By now it's around eleven/twelve years since they first started dating. The wonderful wedding came and was truly amazing. My sister looked so beautiful as he looked handsome. I felt very honoured that I was a bridesmaid and truly enjoyed the day. It was a little overwhelming as there were a lot of people attending it but everyone was in such good spirits. I felt proud to welcome the groom into our family officially and I was happy to f…