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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Selfie Lights!

Hey peeps!!

How are you doing?? Hope your weekend has been kind to you?!? Mine has; busy but good. The pain and fatigue that I'm in is another story ha! 
Anyhow, this weekend I managed to find two selfie lights for when I'm doing my filming and even for any photos that I'll post. They are very different but great! Both have three light brightness levels that you can choose depending on how bright you need it to be. I will say that they are almost blinding! Not great when you have light sensitive eyes though so be careful.

From L-R; the light bulbs are build in to the rim of the phone case and there is a button at the bottom on the back. It fits iPhone 6s. The middle phone you can see the lights are on a little square shaped box that plug into the headphones hole and you can manuover which way you prefer to face the lights. So you can use it on front or back camera which is great. It also has a button to differ the brightness. The right photo shows both selfie lights while switched off. Both you can connect via a USB to charge them up. I can't decide which is my favourite out of them as they're both so different. Although the square one is probably more options to do with. The case one cost me £8 (should be £10 but I think it was a display one) from my local indoor market. The little square is from Rymans at £2.99 which was in the sale (it was the last one they had in). I feel these may just save me from forking out from buying expensive ring lights for when I do my filming so please be sure to let me know if you see a difference in my next few videos! 
Anyway, that's enough from me today and I shall see you all again very soon in my next post. Keep smiling despite whatever is thrown at you in life ❤xxx