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Monday, 19 June 2017


Hi peeps!!

How are you all?!? I hope you're enjoying this weather but drinking plenty of fluids so you don't get dehydrated. In this post, I just want to chat about something with you. I do hope you don't mind these type of blog posts from time to time. 
Recently I created a new Instagram account and it's mostly posts on beauty, fashion and body empowerment. I started doing the odd post on my main account but thought; hey why not do more of these but on a separate one so that you can reach to more people who are solely into these type of accounts. 
Ever since I can remember; I've had friends, family and even strangers compliment me on my clothes, accessories and my makeup. While I don't want to sound big headed or vain but I thought why not share my personal with you all. Also I love makeup and fashion so that's an extra excuse! 
Lately I've been thinking about when I've been asked to take part in a fashion show at the local college that I went to and I finally feel confident in that I would like to do it. The member of staff who organises it gave me her contact number to get in touch with her about it but this was about two years ago so gonna try and find out if she still works there. I don't want to be too forward in case they don't have it anymore and I hate talking on the phone. 
For me; I love how you can create different looks whether it's makeup or clothes and accessories, it's such a wonderful and a fun way to express who you are. There was a time where I didn't feel confident in posting photo of me posing and thinking that my makeup skills wasn't that great but now I'm much more comfortable. It also shows how far I've come with my self confidence which is good. I also love to show that just because my hands aren't the steadiest and that my skin is loose causing my skin to move excessively easy along with the makeup brush, I can still create my different makeup looks.