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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bullet Journals!!

Hi peeps!!

So after watching a few YouTube videos about bullet journals, I've decided to start one myself. Do I hear you asking what is a bullet journal? Well, let me try and esplain what they are. 😊
A bullet journal is a book where you can write your thoughts, your hopes and dreams, plans and you can be as creative as you want to be. It's basically like a Filafax organiser book (kids; google if you don't know what a filafax is!).
The bullet journal is perfect for those that strive to be organised, or are trying to be and that are creative. I imagine it to be quite therapeutic with all the doodling and colouring in. I'm going to show you a few little examples;
Each page tends to have its own theme whatever it may be that you choose. It is yours to style, decorate and use it as you wish. These photos were taken from Pinterest to whom I credit them to. I want to be more organised and be more creative. I'm forever losing things as I have a really bad short term memory especially during my pains full of pain and fatigue so just spending ten minutes just going through this will personally help me a lot! 
The main topics will be my plans for this blog, my Dinkykts EDS Diaries Facebook page, and my YouTube channel. If I have any major medical appointments will be added. My own goals and wishes. Any spontaneous thoughts will also be going into my bullet journal. I'm thinking of bullet pointing any cooking/baking and maybe do a little eating diary just to see what I eat (but not to jot down anything related to my weight issues). 
Are you doing a bullet journal? Do you have any advice/tips that could help me or anyone else that may be reading this? Would you like to see me do a follow up on how I'm doing with mine when I start it? Maybe I could show you bits of it in a video on my YouTube channel in a month or so, this could be interesting to see. 
Anyway that's enough from me for today, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I shall see you all very soon!! See ya for now xxx ❤