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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Accessible MakeUp??

Hi peeps!!
It's that saying again of how I can't believe the weekend is ending already?!! I hope you're all keeping okay?!? Look on my Facebook page to see how I'm doing. 
In this post I want to talk about things I struggle with when applying makeup and perhaps discuss about what sort of things could be created that aren't already on the market. This post won't obviously include everyone but I know there are many other beauty bloggers out there who have mobility issues like me and may be interested in reading this, so this is for you guys! 
I will start from the skin base and go through each stage of when you apply the makeup. So the first thing I do once I've applied the moisturiser and primer is applying the foundation. I use a beauty blender which is the best thing to ever have been created in my opinion. It's so easy to grip and gentle on the skin (unless you're heavy handed and accidentally smack yourself in the face!). When buying foundation; as well as swatching the shade, I like to check to see how easy it is to get it out of the bottle/tube. Some pumps are easier to do than others. I leave the actual lid off and always the bottle on my dressing table so I can press the pump because I'm unable to use my left hand. It's too hard work to try to hold both the beauty blender and pumping a bottle with a small hand. The next product is the concealer is a tube with a wand in it. The one I use is pretty standard and I manage. Then I use my blender to blend it all. 
I like to contour and ATM I'm using a duo stick, although it's a bit chunky for the actual makeup, it makes it easier for me to grip. However I don't like to push the lid too far down as I struggle to pull it off. To blend the contour, I have been using my Oval brushes (they look a bit like a toothbrush) as they are slightly better for gripping but it would be even easier if it was angled. My cutlery is angled and it saves my wrist from twisting and hurting. With the Oval brushes that I have, I got mine in a set of 4 last Christmas so would love to purchase more when I can. 
(This is the Oval Brushes. See my YouTube video showcasing these. Search 'my beauty products that I got for Christmas'.) 

The thing I struggle with the most is applying my eye makeup. My hand is unsteady and tires very easily so it takes me a long time to do it. My struggles including gripping and doing precise detailing. More often than not; opening eye palettes can be a nightmare for me. It would be far easier and more accessible if they could come in the form of where you just gently tap it and it'll open itself. For eyeliner which I always wear; if they could invent a gadget that makes it very steady and easy to hold. Again I struggle with taking lids off different products. 
I am going to skip some parts of my makeup routine as I think you will by now understand what I have difficulties with. 
The next thing that I struggle with opening and applying lipsticks. Some of them are so slippery and odd shapes which make them hard to grip properly. I loved it when Avon released their one-handed lipsticks and it would brilliant if more makeup brands could use this option so that it isn't as fiddly. There's no having to hold it with one hand and trying to take the lid off with the other which isn't easy for me. 
More often than not, I have to ask my parents to open my makeup products and even they struggle so how do these brands expect someone with mobility issues to manage. It's not very hygienic having to leave your products slightly open to save me time and energy which due to my health is restricted, going to ask for help. I'm lucky that I have people around that can help me but not everyone has that so I'm guessing those that are that in the situation of living alone will rather just not wear makeup or limit themselves with what they use. 
So the difficulties I have are as follow; opening palettes and lipsticks. Holding and gripping makeup brushes/tools. Having completely steady hands to apply certain makeup. I personally don't think it's too much to ask for more thought and consideration for people like myself with mobility issues when designing makeup and tools. It would make me so happy if I ever got involved in the process of makeup/tools design so that I could help all of us to struggle less and enjoy applying makeup. Forget about my left hand as that doesn't work anymore, so I now use just the right hand. I have very unstable joints, bendy fingers (they can go backwards so for sample; hold your hand and wrist out flat on a table, my hand can touch the back of my wrist) they're weak and quite nimble too. They hurt easily and tire immensely.   
That's enough from me in this post and I hope it can help you feel less alone in your makeup applying. What are your struggles? What brands do you find are the most difficult? I shall see you all in my next post. Keep smiling no matter what is thrown at you in as your smile may help brighten up someone's day ❤️xxx