Friday, 16 September 2016

Starting Crafting Again

Hi peeps,

How are ya all doing? I'm sorry it's been a few weeks since my last post, just had a bit going on in my life. There's been a few appointments, my cousin's wedding night do (she got married in Turkey) spending time with my sister and baby niece, and been resting as I've struggled with pain and fatigue.

I can't believe it's September already! Can you believe that my niece was 7 months old yesterday, she's doing so well and she makes me a very proud auntie. If you follow my Instagram account or my Facebook page, you will see pics of me with her. I'll post links to them below or I  think you can click on the icon buttons along the side of this blog site.

For the past few weeks, I've been looking for inspiration to create new cards etc. by browsing through craft magazines and on Pinterest. So as you can imagine, I have started making a few cards already. I will be making more including some very special ones which shall be revealed in due time :-) Already, I'm thinking about how I'm going to be displaying all my crafts when I have my yearly stall. There has been talks in me having a stall in the market by the entrance as a one off and think they have said they allow for cheaper rates when it's on behalf of charity. Like I said on my Facebook 'DinkyKt's Crafts', I'm sticking to a smaller range of craft products this time. The first reason is I'm physically struggling to do so much and the second is to make it clearer to see everything on the stall table so it doesn't look like a jumble sale. Any ideas/suggestions are most welcome.

The place to look for my Instagram is @dinkykt 

For my Facebook page is (on there you'll find a link to my craft page 'Dinkykts Crafts'.

Sorry for the short post but will be back soon, take care and keep smiling :) xxx