Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Prettying Myself Up

Hi peeps! 

How are you all doing? Today I thought I would share how my makeup looked today here with you seeing as I've posted them on my Instagram and on Twitter 😊 
Before I apply my makeup,  I always like to use my Simple Facial Miceller Water on my face followed by putting on my Simple Moisturiser. I also applied some Jeffree Star's velour lip scrub just to get rid of any dry skin on my lips. 
For the base I used the Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation; blending it with my damp beauty blender. My favourite makeup tool ever! Then I used the Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' concealer under the eyes, around bottom of my nose, chin. Again blending it with the beauty blender. 
For the eyes, I used my new 'GOSH Cosmetics' 001 eye palette using four of the shades. I applied the lightest shade in the inner corners and ended with the third shade; blended it all with my big fluffy eye brush. To outline the eyes, I used Avon's black kohl pencil and I only applied one layer of mascara. 
I contoured my face using Avon's bronzing powder under the cheekbones, lightly down the bridgr of my nose, under my bottom lip and along my jawline. I didn't put any on at the top of my forehead as I had my fringe down so you couldn't see it anyway. Then I highlighted the top of my cheeks, along my nose; down the middle up to just above the nose and a little on my chin. I applied my Technic's blusher along the apple of my cheeks. 
I lined both my upper and lower lips using my Lipliner before applying my new Avon Perfect Red lipstick. 
That's my finished look, I hope you enjoyed learning how to do it my way. I am not a trained makeup artist but I feel I have definitely improved my skills. I enjoy putting my makeup on and creating different looks. Thank you for reading and I shall see you soon!! 

Keep smiling! xxx