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The Penny Has Dropped

Hi peeps! 
I think the penny has dropped! After a few weeks of speculating and circling around in my mind; it has dawned on me why I struggle with ideas. Finding ideas as subjects to write about that is. 
When I was at college, there was the interaction of the other students and the coursework which stirred the thoughts in my mind but now I am not at college anymore. Although I loved it immensely and miss it terribly, I found it extremely tiring going in every day. There was always some sort of conversation when I was at college which I thoroughly enjoyed. I could say that I was having a good student’s social life; going to college, then going out on the town for nights out, college socials, birthday parties, and even class trips out. 
Now partly due to being in a lot of pain and discomfort and other reasons, I rarely have nights out, day trips out, birthday parties and socials which is normal for when you leave college. In fact, I rarely go out at all, partly I’m happy about and don’t a…

GCSE Time!!

Hi peeps, I know I only posted a new blog post yesterday but seeing as it's GCSE results day today; I thought 'hey why not write a little bit about when I got mine?!'. I do hope that everyone who received their results get what they were hoping for? Even if they aren't as good as you hoped, do not worry and life still goes on. Sixteen years ago when I went to pick mine up from school; I was so nervous and I didn't have a clue on what to expect. I don't think I saw too many people from in my year getting theirs but I did see a few members of staff. So I open the envelope or whatever it was they were in and I slowly take them out looking at the end of the paper. It took me a few minutes to study the sheets and work out what was what. Then my heart started to sink a little, I was glad that I passed but felt disappointed. I achieved four D's, three E's and one G (which I can pretty say, it didn't surprise me with how the lessons went - it was maths and …

My Throwback Photos!!

Hi peeps!! 
Well it's midweek and I thought hey why not write a blog post seeing as I'm feeling inspired to write?! I hope you're all doing well? I'm constantly trying to keep to keep my pain levels as low as possible and my fatigue levels low too which I tell you, isn't easy. It's difficult and truthfully; it makes you feel less inspired and motivated to do anything. Anyway, follow my 'Dinkykts EDS Diaries' Facebook page to read more about how my health is.  The reason why I suddenly feel inspired is because I somehow came across an old photo of mine on my Facebook and was thinking about my style from over the years. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only who's style has changed and improved. As a teenager from fifteen onwards until about twenty, I didn't really have a clue in what my style was; I tended to just go with what I saw and liked. Growing up; I always thought if I wore baggy clothing then it would hide how slim I was/am but then…

Accessible MakeUp??

Hi peeps!! It's that saying again of how I can't believe the weekend is ending already?!! I hope you're all keeping okay?!? Look on my Facebook page to see how I'm doing.  In this post I want to talk about things I struggle with when applying makeup and perhaps discuss about what sort of things could be created that aren't already on the market. This post won't obviously include everyone but I know there are many other beauty bloggers out there who have mobility issues like me and may be interested in reading this, so this is for you guys!  I will start from the skin base and go through each stage of when you apply the makeup. So the first thing I do once I've applied the moisturiser and primer is applying the foundation. I use a beauty blender which is the best thing to ever have been created in my opinion. It's so easy to grip and gentle on the skin (unless you're heavy handed and accidentally smack yourself in …

Perrie Edwards' Outfit in Touch Video!!

Hi peeps!! 
Yay it's the weekend! I hope you're all okay?! My health has been taking its toll on me a little but read my Facebook page for more info.  It's now August and the subject of this post was actually publicised back in January. The subject is the thing that Perrie Edwards from Little Mix wore in the Touch music video. Why you ask?  From the first moment I saw it, it made me feel a little apprehensive. It reminded me of the many years I had to endure wearing a spinal grace (and full length callipers, not forgetting a neck brace when I was really tiny!) and not once did I like wearing it. Wearing it often made me sweaty, hot and sticky. My movements were severely restricted. I couldn't just scratch something if it was itchy as I would have to go and get undressed for it to be removed just so that itch could be attended to. When they did the castings for new ones; it hurt and I'd often have to travel back home on a two and a h…

Never Too Late!!

Hi peeps!! 
So it's Friday and who's ready for the weekend? I've enjoyed this week despite my health issues and not seeing my niece, whom I've missed so much!!  Seen this photo on Pinterest and it's very true for me. 
I'm 32 and feel like I'm only just starting again. Due to health reasons, the goals I had let's say 12 years ago have changed. Back then, I wanted to live independently and had ambitions to be a journalist. I was leaving Beaumont College and heading to my local Sixth Form College to study A-Levels. This led to me being accepted at universities to do a degree in BA Journalism. Then later accepted at my local university doing Combined Honours on Social Sciences (Psychology, Criminology and Sociology) even though I only originally applied for the access course inCriminology but was told I was too advanced. Anyway due to personal reasons, I obviously couldn't fulfil these plans. I did attempt to do a creative writing course at home but kinda …

Friendship Breakups!!

Hi peeps!! How are we all doing this week? I hope it's bringing you lots of positivity and strength. I was just browsing through different quotes on Pinterest and found one that somehow stood out to me. 

Over the years, I have had friendships end and tbh, who hasn't had this in their lives. I've had friends whom have treated me in ways where I couldn't imagine treating my worst enemy like so as their friend, it obviously hurt a lot. I did so much for the said person over time and for them to start playing cruel tricks, I knew the best thing I could was to just walk away. Thankfully this person had moved away back to their home town and I no longer have to worry or fret about bumping into them. Even feeling anxious as I had taxi drivers, mutual acquaintances telling me that they had been non stop quizzed about my whereabouts, who I was with and what I had been doing etc by this same person. Then I've had other friendships that have ended over things so trivial when I…