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My thoughts and My Life Presently

Hey peeps,
Yesterday I tweeted about how I felt 😕 When just ten minutes earlier, I was happy and contented even more as I had been watching BSB the movie. If you're an avid music fan or just like watching documentaries, then I'd highly recommend you to watch Show Em What You're Made Of. It has emotion, humour and an honest insight into how it really is being in the worlds biggest boyband.  The reason I felt 😕, because I kept seeing different fans not very happy about Nick Carter's setlist of the upcoming solo tour. Now we all know that his management have pretty much the final say in everything he does; both personally and professionally. We all also know about how much he cares about the fans and I'm sure he's doing the best he can. Then there's been the two cancellations of his show due to him having to attend the comic con, promoting his film which is something he has always aspired to do. I know my friend Kimberly has already said her thoughts and has b…