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Why I've been absent...

Hey peeps!!
So, it's been a while but I'm pretty sure you're used to waiting for my blogging posts by now?! What I had in mind to write to you here is slightly different to what I've actually decided to write although I'll keep certain parts as brief as I can so I'm able to focus back on the chosen subject. 
At the end of July, I received some very sad news. My lovely support worker, A, had passed away. This really shook me up and for quite awhile, I felt lost. It really saddened me and I miss her. Her daughter had given her a beautiful send off which is what A truly deserved,  and I think A will be very proud of her daughter. A is one of a kind and I will never find anyone like her again. She will be forever in all of our hearts (as she touched a lot of people's hearts with her kindness, generosity, warm heartedness and caring nature) so rest in peace A xxx
Over the past couple of weeks, I have found myself crafting again. I have so far made a sock monkey (wh…