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Dinky's Rambles!!

Hey peeps! 
So, I thought I'd give you a little update on what's happening in my life lately as I sit here watching 21 Jump Street. Yes the movie with Channing Tatum in it! I remember when I went to see this at the cinema with a friend, and she was laughing so much at it. It does have its funny moments.  How have you been then peeps? I've been okay, trying to stay positive which hasn't been so easy if I'm honest. The osteoarthritis in my shoulder has been giving me grief with pains all over it even in my arm. One day when I got up out of bed, I couldn't move my arm at all and had to make do with just moving the lower part from below the elbow. Although thumbs up for managing to do my makeup even if it was just the basics. 👍🏻 Starting a month ago when my cousin took me to see Adam Lambert in Manchester and I was very lucky that I got to meet him which was amazing!! He looked so handsome and he was sweet. He loved my tshirt. We were told to handover any gifts but …