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Are You Like Lorena?

Hi everyone!! 
As a Pinterest fan, I spend many moments just looking at different inspirational quotes and I came across this one...

You are so much more than you’re wheelchair!! Although saying this, your wheelchair gives you a life and freedom.  You are beautiful, amazing and awesome if you are reading this!! 
I hope you like this blog post and I shall see you in my next one soon. Bye for now xxx

Treasuring Every Alert Moment

Today’s quote...

I try and focus my attention on watching tv (or catching up on my iPad with documentaries or cookery or fashion/beauty shows), reading my magazines or books, blogging, creating YouTube videos (depending on physical wellbeing), watching YouTube videos whether it’s YouTubers or music videos). Distracted conversation is a blessing too, always try to make the time to reply to those with chronic illnesses. Embrace every moment... and in those moments where it’s dragging you down hard against the concrete floor, then take deep breaths and count to ten. You will get past it, this moment will soon be gone and you can feel proud of how strong you were during those hard moments. xxx
Credits to on Pinterest.

Blogosphere Publication

Hi guys!!
So... it’s Tuesday and I know I normally like to upload a new blog post on a Monday but tiredness had kicked in after I had my appointment yesterday. It was only an eye check up but those who know me, know that I have sleep issues so getting up early and going out; tired me out, a lot. I struggle to focus and have a clear head to write something that needs to make sense. This, my lovely people; is not what you the reader would like to read.  Anyway... onto this post’s topic; which is about the Blogosphere Magazine.  This magazine is for Bloggers by Bloggers. I wish I had seen it before now as I think I would have been buying it since it began, whenever that was. It’s published four times a year. It’s been something I’ve yearned for since I first started blogging and being a YouTuber so you can imagine how happy I am to discover this magazine. I started blogging before I created my YouTube channel and back then, it was all very new. There wasn't as many creators out there a…

My Dislike For Animal Cruelty

Hi guys!!
For as long as I can remember I have been against animal testing, for example when my sister received booklets etc from BUAV (which is now and I would buy stationery things just to show my support. As a child, it is harder to acknowledge the difference in buying animal cruelty free products and those that have been tested on animals. We didn't have the internet like we do now and to be honest, most company/brands weren't as forthcoming with information such as this. I'm trying to be more aware in when I purchase beauty products and clothing. My collection of animal cruelty free makeup is slowly building up which I am proud of. I hope to one day replace every none cruelty free makeup that I have. It makes me feel guilty knowing that there are thousands, if not millions of innocent animal suffering because of my vanity. I also hope that every single company/brand change to cruelty free as well. A lot of the suffering I fe…

Chatting About My Current Life

Hi guys!
I think this post might be a little bit of a ramble which I hope you don't mind but I was just thinking about my life and what things I have to look forward to. This year has gone rather fast, I cannot believe it's the 20th of November already!! The last few months have been a little quiet for me but it isn't all bad. My pain levels have increased and I feel like my health issues have deteriorated, and this has made some impact on my social life. I'm the kind of person who likes to keep going despite how I'm feeling but lately; it has been more difficult. Sometimes it has gotten me down and I felt like I was missing out but when it's been possible, I just try to focus on my blog and my YouTube channel. Even then it can be a challenge finding inspiration and motivation, then this makes me feel like I'm a rubbish blogger. Currently I have been struggling with the top of my back; right across from one shoulder blade to another. I have kyphoscoliosis …

Christmas Stocking Ideas

Hi everyone!!
So it's a new week already and I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week? If not, I hope it improves for you. Personally for me, I love Mondays and Tuesdays because it's the two days where I can thoroughly rest and recuperate ready for the Wednesday and the following weekend. This is the thing with having a chronic disability, I have to pace myself and balance my time out properly. As the Christmas festivities is looming; I'm starting to think about what presents I am wanting to buy my loved ones. This year I aim to be more organised although I'm sure many people think this every single year. Christmas present buying is something that I enjoy but I also love the feeling when you have bought everything you have set out and more. Who else ends up buying extra presents because they can't resist that cute little giftset that is on offer?!! For a few years I even managed to create my own wrapping paper and I felt so proud. It took some intense p…

Loving Being A Beauty Blogger

Hi everyone! 
I hope you’re all okay... I’m keeping okay as I can be ☺️ EDS is kicking me a little bit lately but I’m still smiling away and trying to focus my energy (what energy I do have) on both here and my YouTube channel. I have decided to take a week or more off YouTube while I have a rest and pluck for some new inspiration.  Anyway; as many of you know, I have two separate Instagram accounts. My main one which is more personal in that I share family photos and just general every day life type of posts (@dinkykt). My newer account is my more ‘professional’ one; where i posts beauty, lifestyle, body empowerment and on rare occasions: fashion posts for example; my outfits.  I feel like I’ve come a long way with my makeup skills and the majority of it is self taught. I’m proud of this and I enjoy wearing makeup. It does cause pain applying it and it takes a lot of energy, but the end result is always worth it. I want to show that just because I endure chronic pain, 24/7, that it does…

Stages of a Chronic Illness

Hi guys!!
YAY I finally been able to upload a YouTube video onto this blog after I have tried for such a long time, so I'm very happy with this!! I hope you like this video, it's a little different to anything I have created before. I want to show how body language can speak without words and show how when you're chronically ill and the pain affects people. 

I would love to hear your feedback on this video. Would you like to see more like this? Could you relate to what you have seen in the video? Anyway that's enough from me in this post and thank you so much if you get to watch the video, and enjoy reading my blog. I hope to see you in my next post!! See you soon xxx

Self Care Guide

Hi guys!! 
It’s Wednesday and I think you’re all due a new blog post from me 😊 since last Wednesday evening, I have felt pretty rubbish both physically and emotionally. It’s only as yesterday evolved that I began to feel a bit more myself. I’m sure many other people with E.D.S or similar chronic disabilities will have questioned ‘why me, I hate this’ personally I haven’t but it doesn’t mean I have spent many a time, sitting on my bed in tears at feeling fed up/frustrated or in a lot of pain because I have. Living with severe anxiety and panic disorder really makes it more challenging as well. I think I was born the way I am because I know I can be strong when I need to be and I have an outlook that people seem to like about me.  So, what’s the reason why I’m telling you all the above is because I found the following picture as it seems like something that could be beneficial to both me and you. So let’s look at it and I’ll discuss it further with you below.  Starting with social self ca…

10 Yr Anniversary // Wrist Fusion

Hi peeps,
So it’s been ten years since I had my wrist fused and the journey has certainly not been easy or pretty from the word go!! I’m going to share with you the story of what I have been through from before the surgery and the time since. I can’t remember certain things but I can remember most of it all.  Growing up; I was used to getting injuries, different pains, and various dislocations so at first, I just thought it was another thing like usual when I started getting pain in my left hand. It caused a bit of pain when I moved my little finger but it wasn’t dislocated or broken. I preservered with it for a bit before I decided to get it checked out. Some time later; I was referred to a local orthopaedic surgeon who I had seen many times over the years so he knew me. As usual, he had X-rays done and said ‘I’m referring you to Wrightington Hospital. I don’t want to perform surgery on you with you having EDS, but they’re more specialist than I am.’ So I agreed. 

This was about seven m…

World Mental Health Day - 2017

Hi peeps!! 
So today it is World Mental Health Day and I thought why don’t I share my story?! I can’t remember exact dates etc but I can remember what I’ve been through and how it felt. So let’s get into it shall we?!
For as long as I can remember; I’ve always had some kind of issues but I guess that comes with the territory of having a rare connective tissue disorder causing me to have complicated health issues. Although it was just a part of my life; being in and out of hospital so this wasn’t so much an issue for. My first memory of suffering with anxiety and stress was when it was the period between leaving my primary school and senior school. Everyone else in my class knew which school they were going to but I didn’t as it was being dealt with by the local education authority. I remember I started pulling my hair out and by the time we realised what I’d been doing was when I had a little bald patch. To be honest, if you look at Michael Jackson from when he had his burns accident, i…


Hi peeps!! 
How you doing? I hope you’ve all had a fab week. My week has been all right, just a normal one. 
I recently purchased some new makeup brushes. They are the MODA PRISMATIC FACE PERFECTING KIT. I actually found these in my local Asda store after browsing on their website. They cost £20 which I think is a great price for these. You get 4 brushes in the pack. 

In the above photo, you can see the full packaging so you know what to look for if you ever choose to purchase them. 

They do feel quite sturdy and are light to hold. The Brush 801 has a heavy head but I wouldn’t expect it to be not as it’s much larger than the others. For me personally, I find them easier to grip and hold as my cutlery is angled and have chunky foam handles. I would recommend these type of brushes to anyone who has mobility issues.  I think they look really pretty too with the way they start of green in the handles and turn pink at the Brush ends. The word MODA is slightly imprinted into the handles as you c…

Looking For Blog Guidance

Hi peeps!! 
Hope you’re all keeping well my lovely peeps. I know my posting is a little irregular at the moment, I am trying to get into a routine where I post on certain days etc.  At the moment; I keep trying to focus on posting a YouTube video on a Wednesday evening and maybe a Saturday on the odd occasion, then my blog preferably on a Monday and possibly a Friday. I don’t like to make excuses but I do the best I can when it’s physically possible for me. Blogging is easier in some ways as I can just sit and write away on my blogging app no matter where I am (as long as I have WiFi!). It’s not always easy to find inspiration and you can read more on this in my ‘The Penny Has Dropped’ post.  I’m not one for sticking to just one thing and like to do many things, as it can get a little repetitive for me. I’m still learning about many things so I’m no expert in things such as makeup, fashion etc and I don’t want to put myself as a consistent ‘beauty blogger’ for that reason I just said…

In The 'Dam Beauty Haul

Hi peeps!! 
So this week is going too fast and I can't believe it's Wednesday already?!! I hope you're all having a good week and if not; then I send you lots of love and positive vibes.  As you all probably know by now that I've been away to Amsterdam; from Wednesday 30th to Monday 4th September. I had a great time and due to my health reasons; I'm still recovering from it. ☺️ Whilst there, I bought some beauty products which I am really loving.   The palettes are as follow;  Urban Decay Heat PS Bronze Shadow and Shade My Glow by Douglas 
The brushes are all from Primark. They are as follow; Insta Define Eye Brush - Define and Sculpt Eyes! Double End Smokey Brush Eye Contour Brush
The illuminator by Nyx Cosmetics is Magnetic
The lipsticks are as follow; Urban Decay Vice - Blackmail Nyx Cosmetics - Liquid Suede Lipstick Pure Society
Silicon Sponge by Primark
Invisibobble by Douglas 

I haven't tried using the brushes or sponges yet but intrigued to see how they are; I'm not e…

What Do You See?

Hi peeps!!
Just wanted to share a random post with you all. I hope you don't mind but it popped into my head and I thought 'ooh I like that idea'.  I have Kyphoscolisis, Perniosis, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, slight hearing loss, anxiety, panic disorder. Asthma, arthralgia. Plus other oddly things. This is all because of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It takes over a lot of my life whether it's physically or mentally.  However; it's a part of who I am but it is not the whole of me. I'm also a blogger, I create videos on my YouTube channel, I run my EDS Awarenesa Campaign through my Facebook page ( I upload onto my Instagram accounts; my personal account and my beauty/fashion account where I show off my various looks despite struggling with pain, fatigue and physical difficulties and encouraging body positivity.  I'm a daughter, sister, auntie, niece, cousin and a friend to many who I'm blessed to have in my life. I&…

Am I Undateable?!

Sunday, 26 August 2012
Undateable?! Looking on Facebook, at a page that I ‘Like’ has raised an issue which I hold closely to my heart. The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK had been approached by a production company that is currently in the making its second series of ‘Undateables’. Now Scope is promoting this show as well. 
I personally have mix views on the term ‘undateable’ in reference to disabled people on the dating scene. People are trying to steer people away from labelling the disabled from such terminology not reinforcing it. If someone called me as it, I would certainly be upset as I feel it is making me look like a freak. I thought charities were supposed to promote disability in a positive light and not taking us backwards in how people approach disability?!? I am all for raising awareness for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but just not this way; this is a negative way to do so. Why can’t there be a more positive way, there is a start with Cherylee (as you are aware from a previous blog pos…

Coming to a Realisation

Hi peeps!!
So since my last post, I have been to Amsterdam and back! I've spent last Tuesday, Thursday and Friday recovering; in fact I still am. Check out my YouTube channel to see my vlogs from the trip (and don't forget to subscribe!!)  I'm going to be talking about something that I've been thinking about but not really said anything out to anyone. It's actually been a difficult subject for me to be honest with you. Well it might not be a big issue for you or anyone else but it is for me. I have always been a creative person no matter what field I may be creating in and about six or more years ago, I started getting back into crafting. Then ever since I've built up a fabulous collection of materials such as paper crafts, embroidery etc and I can honestly say that with all the stuff I have is enough to open a market stall with. Not only have I bought the materials myself but also been given stuff as gifts and good gesture.  Now the f…