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Explaining Myself

Hello my DinkyDos,
As I type this blog post, I'm feeling a little bit fed up and thought it might help me to understand why I'm feeling like I am. I'll try not to be too 'down in the dumps' ha ha, I promise!! I used to write poetry for whenever I felt like this but now I'm going to write about it here to you; my reader. 
This week has had its highs and some okay-ish times. The highs when I've been having fun with my friend whether it was us at mine or out in town yesterday, retail therapy. Picking up my tshirts for my customers yesterday, always make me feel happy and proud. So far, two of my friends have shown interest in sharing my EDS story and the short documentary film I've been working on; one who's in America and the other down south. Fingers crossed that he'll be able to get his colleagues into sharing it on their radio station.  The lows so far have been that I've had to go to have some blood test which has left my arm sore and bruised…

My Response to Dr Dawn Harper

This blog post is a response to the comments said on live television earlier today on the This Morning show. Dr Dawn Harper had said that 'Hypermobility is also known as double-jointedness and isn't something to worry about'. I find this very offensive and shows exactly how badly informed people can be, this is worse coming from a medical professional. If it is just 'double jointedness and isn't something to worry about' then why do I suffer from dislocations/subluxations, severe spinal deformity, hypotonia (weak, loose and floppy muscles), have had joint fusion that due to this syndrome has proven to be worse off than before surgery and have to use mobility AIDS such as a wheelchair and a walking frame?!? Other people with this same syndrome have to be fed by tube due to gastrointestinal failure, have to watch that they don't cause their organs to rupture or have to spend almost 24/7 hours of bed rest due to severe pain.  Yes we are encouraged to exercise b…

girls! Girls! Girls! Ha and food!

Good evening peeps,
How has your day been so far (for those in a different time zone to me)? Mine has been lovely, me and Emma went to meet our friend, Jess. Jess's baby girl, Niamh joined in too. I said on my pic that I posted of the three of how she is a little bundle of cuteness and she really is. She's a very contented baby and brightens up the room when she smiles! I can't believe she's already about 12 weeks old, time is flying by! It was lovely to see both Emma and Jess. I love our girly time together! It was unfortunate that my other best friend, Jenna, couldn't join us but hopefully, she can the next time. Love you girls!! πŸ’—
Tonight I made some creamy vegetable soup. All the veg had already been chopped up for me so I all I needed to do was add the herbs and seasoning. First, I fried a little bit of fresh garlic and onion to get that yummy garlicky flavour in the pan. I slowly but surely boiled the veg etc in the pan. Soon added the vegetable stock cube to …

Last Night's Outfit

Hey peeps! ☺️
Hope your day is going positively so far?!? I will probably be in bed when you read this which is the norm for me due to dodgy sleeping pattern etc. Don't worry I can't stay in bed as long as I have done yesterday as I have to finalise my PIP form so I can get it sent off. Stupid government who can't leave anything alone! When you have been rewarded DLA indefinitely, then it should be automatically transferred over to the new benefit. There is a reason why something is indefinite, duh!! πŸ˜£πŸ™„πŸ˜ Then later on, I will be seeing one of my best friend's again πŸ˜€ Not sure what to do, if you have any ideas that isn't too expensive or free even then feel free to comment.
I wanted to show you how I looked like last night as it felt so good and comfy ☺️ I decided to glam it up a little bit by wearing one of my new Velour Liquid Lipstick in the 'Blue Velvet'.
I'm just wearing a white vest top, grey comfy jumper with grey woolly leggings and black boots. …

Festivities of 2015 ⛄️πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„

Hey peeps!!
So, here's my usual start of the year post and for once I'm not quite sure what is going to be written here... Hopefully, it won't be too much of a ramble for you!  As the celebrations for Christmas and the New Year come to an end, I might just give you a little insight into how my festivities went.  For me, it felt like it was bag of mixed sweets. I'll start with the negative for you... I received a phone call from the hospital informing me that I am to have an MRI scan. As soon as I had ended the call, I quickly started panicking and knew it was best to speak with the secretary of the consultant so I can eliminate any panic and worry. Anyway, I found out of this special nurse that everything was okay, there was no sign of cancer or malignancy in the ovarian cyst but it looks like it is inflamed. She was unhappy at how 'on the ball' the X-ray department were being, causing me and another patient to panic. Once I got the appointment letter, I made up m…