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Are You Like Lorena?

Hi everyone!! 
As a Pinterest fan, I spend many moments just looking at different inspirational quotes and I came across this one...

You are so much more than you’re wheelchair!! Although saying this, your wheelchair gives you a life and freedom.  You are beautiful, amazing and awesome if you are reading this!! 
I hope you like this blog post and I shall see you in my next one soon. Bye for now xxx

Treasuring Every Alert Moment

Today’s quote...

I try and focus my attention on watching tv (or catching up on my iPad with documentaries or cookery or fashion/beauty shows), reading my magazines or books, blogging, creating YouTube videos (depending on physical wellbeing), watching YouTube videos whether it’s YouTubers or music videos). Distracted conversation is a blessing too, always try to make the time to reply to those with chronic illnesses. Embrace every moment... and in those moments where it’s dragging you down hard against the concrete floor, then take deep breaths and count to ten. You will get past it, this moment will soon be gone and you can feel proud of how strong you were during those hard moments. xxx
Credits to on Pinterest.