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All About Me

Hey peeps,
As I have just been browsing briefly through all of my posts on this blog and I cannot believe that I've not even properly introduced myself to you my readers/subscribers. Now I think it's time to do just that, don't you agree?
Let's start with the basics shall we 😀
I'm Katie and I'll be thirty-one in a few months time. I live in a small town, not too far from the Lakes District (Windemere, Coniston and so on...). I love it around here, I feel proud to say that I'm from here and it has pretty much what all the big cities have (just in small amounts). I only have one sister, Claire who's married to Leigh and has recently given birth to my niece, Ciara. She'll be one month old on the fifteenth!! I live with my parents, Sue and Ray. We're pretty much an average family but my family really are wonderful. They're always there when I need them. Also I our family, we have Pixie. She's our feisty, nervous and funny fur baby who is our s…

Posting posting What I Want To Post!!

Hey peeps!! 
I came across this on Pinterest and it's got me thinking.  
I also like to post what I want because it helps to distract me from whatever pain or however tired I feel, in my mind I'd rather post something positive for eg, things I'm into whether it being music, my cat or whatever else than just sitting here thinking not great. If someone doesn't like a post then simply scroll past, easy. Let's be happy, encouraging and positive! Plus I'm not able to get out socialising as much as other people my age are and I'm sure people wouldn't want to see my face all time, ha ha!! As a people pleaser and someone with self-esteem, it can be hard to not take it to heart but I am learning to do what is right for me and that I enjoy. I know in my heart that I am never offensive, negative (I call it being honest about myself) and would never go out to upset someone. I like to be supportive, encouraging and happy especially towards other people and whatever th…