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Happy Easter!!

Hey peeps!! 
So it's that time of the year where we are excited about the Easter holidays, so I thought I would share this post with you all celebrating Easter. 

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday celebrating Easter whether you're religious or not, it's a time for giving, enjoying and getting ready for the spring/summer season coming ahead, whilst not forgetting the religious reasons behind the holiday too.  I've got a little Malteser chocolate egg which I shall enjoy munching on later this evening 😋 Anyway that's enough from me and I shall see you in my next post. 🐣🍫🥚💐🐥👒xxx

A Typical Evening

Hey peeps!!
How are we today on this cloudy Monday? Ready and refreshed for the new week ahead?!? Today is my main day for resting and recuperating for the new week. 
In this post I would like to write about what a typical evening is like for me. On the odd occasion I may be out at a show or something but that is only every so often. 
So the time now is 5:20pm and I'm chilled out on the sofa with Pixie curled up at the bottom by my feet with her head on the furry blanket (its faux fur), I'm half watching whatever it is that my mum has on the Tv, browsing online on social media/blogs and playing occasionally on the Kendall and Kylie Jenner game.
I'm currently enjoying watching the soaps; first Neighbours, Home and Away and then Emmerdale and now Coronation Street (Corrie). Corrie has to be my favourite and my worst has to be Eastenders. Deadenders is on next I think but sadly my mum watches it so I go to see what I would like my tea when this is on. I just find it too depressin…