My Hectic Week!!

Hi peeps!! 

How are we all today? Today's it's Friday 5th May 2017 and I'm having a much needed day in at home. This post is more of an update/catch up with what's been happening in my life so it's up to you if you want to keep reading. There will be a few awesome photos on here too which will break up the writing 😊 
Last weekend which was bank holiday and it was quite hectic for me. On the Friday; I went to town and did a bit of retail therapy. My mum brought me this lovely but fun Bardot dress with little Pom poms on it. 
I wore this for the Remembering Fred show. It's from the kids section in River Island. 
On the Saturday; I spent most of the day getting ready as I was going to The Forum for the Ultimate 90s night feat 5ive. 5ive were brilliant! They had so much energy and they certainly knew how to get the crowd going. The only thing I wish that was different is that they were on stage longer as it went too fast. 
They performed their biggest hits such as Keep On Movin, Everybody Get Up and so on. They weren't doing a meet & greet so I wanted to meet them outside which thankfully my friend and cousin let me do. It was worth the cold. 
On the first photo; there's Scott, Megan, Sue, random stranger, Ritchie, another random stranger and then Sean. This photo is of me and Ritchie who was happy to take a selfie with me. 
The long night did take its toll on me and I seriously had almost zero energy by the time I got home. My problematic shoulder/back issues had started to aggravate me too (as I had dislocated the shoulder the previous Saturday so it was still recovering from it). 
Then on the Sunday; we just went food shopping and I was struggling with my energy levels but was in good spirits. 
On the Monday, my brother in law's lovely mum came with me to go back to The Forum to see the Remembering Fred show. This started Aljaz and Janette from Strictly Come Dancing. Before the show we had the VIP meet & greet with the couple. They were just really lovely and friendly. I didn't realise how tall Aljaz was (he's about the same height as my bro in law) and how dinky Janette was. They let us take a photo with just me and one with me and Debbie which was really good of them. I didn't get the chance to tell them that Pasha had called me a roadie the last time he was here in town! Ha ha! 
 Here's the photo with me; Aljaz and Janette. You can also see my dress more here too. Then afterwards; me and Debbie relaxed in the bar and had a drink and some crisps. We chatted and caught up on life. Then the show started at half seven. Wow there's so much involved; from the live singing, the big band, lots of costumes and lots of dancing. One of my favourite costumes was the black one. As you can tell I love black! They did it like a radio show style with Michael Ball being the voiceover. Aljaz and Janette are amazing dancers; and they deserve all the success they get. I wish them lots of love and happiness in their lives together too. I do hope they come back to The Forum again in the near future. 
On Tuesday; I had a day of rest which is what I needed. Then Wednesday; we had my niece for the day and the kitchen fitters started the work on our kitchen. Also the people who came to do the fencing which made the house a little chaotic. My uncle also popped in and he was being nosy! 
So you can say it's been a hectic week! All good though. I just wish I didn't get so tired so easily but it's down to the EDS. I hope your week has been a positive one. Anyway enough from me for today and I shall see you all soon. Keep smiling!! ❤️ xxx


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