How I Created This Eye Look!!

Hi everyone!

I want to tell you how I created this eye makeup look on myself from last week. I think it looks really nice and quite natural which is great for every day style. 

The products that I used are as follows;

Rimmel UK - Pinkadilly Circus Eyeshadow Palette
‘Rosie for Autograph’ by Marks and Spencer - Cream Eyeshadow Stick
GOSH COSMETICS - Forever Eyeshadow Stick
Avon UK - True Colour Glimmersrick Eyeliner 
Benefit Cosmetics - Bang BadGal Mascara 

How I created this eye look.

I started of by applying the the lightest shade which is a white colour all over the lid as a base. 
Then using the light pink along the crease line and all over the lid.
Starting from a third off the inner corner, I applied the slightly darker shade just along the lid. 
Then with the darkest shade which is like a dark pinky/brown in the outer corner. This creates like a smokey eye effect. I didn’t think it was showing up as much as I hoped so I decided to apply some of the ‘Rosie’ Eyeshadow Stick in the outer corner. I blend it in creating a slightly winged look as I thought it made my eyes look a little more open and bigger. 
In the inner corner, I applied the ‘Gosh’ Forever Stick and again blended it in. 
Along the bottom lash line, I used both the pale pink and the slightly darker shade. By adding a little sweep of Eyeshadow along the lash line opens up the eyes more and definitely finishes the look. It softens the eyeliner too in my opinion. Whether you do this is totally your choice, and sometimes I forget to do it as I never used to do this until recently. 
Lastly I applied the Glimmerstick along both upper lid line and bottom lash line. This is something I always do and I somehow feel bare when I don’t have it on. To finish off this eye look, I applied two coats of the Bang BadGal Mascara which I’m totally loving by the way!! Well worth the investment!
Overall I really love this look and I think it looks pretty. The pink tones add warmth to my face especially as I wore my Jeffree Star ‘Mistletoe’ and ‘Queen Supreme’ Liquid Lipsticks which look quite cool toned. For other details on this look, head on over to my Instagram where you’ll see these photos. 

Thank you for reading this post, there will be a special blog post coming your way soon but enjoy this and other posts in the meantime. Take care and I shall see you in my next one 😘❤️ xxx


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