My Dislike For Animal Cruelty

Hi guys!!

For as long as I can remember I have been against animal testing, for example when my sister received booklets etc from BUAV (which is now and I would buy stationery things just to show my support. As a child, it is harder to acknowledge the difference in buying animal cruelty free products and those that have been tested on animals. We didn't have the internet like we do now and to be honest, most company/brands weren't as forthcoming with information such as this.
I'm trying to be more aware in when I purchase beauty products and clothing. My collection of animal cruelty free makeup is slowly building up which I am proud of. I hope to one day replace every none cruelty free makeup that I have. It makes me feel guilty knowing that there are thousands, if not millions of innocent animal suffering because of my vanity. I also hope that every single company/brand change to cruelty free as well. A lot of the suffering I feel is down to the companies/brands selfish desire for profit and this saddens me. As it’s too traumatic and distressing, I won’t go into details of what the animals endure but even for cosmetic surgery like having Botox, animals suffer. It’s just so sad. 
I buy a lot of products from Avon Cosmetics and although they don't test their products on animal, they have organisations in certain countries where unfortunately their laws are not as empathetic towards animals as our laws. In China, they have recently eliminated the animal testing requirement for certain products. However, China still requires testing on "special use" products (sunscreens, anti-pigmentation/whitening product, deodorant, fitness/slimming products, breast beautifying products, depilatories, hair growth products, hair perm and hair dyes). I personally wish all countries would fully stop all testing, as there are more humane ways to test products.
There are plenty of ways where you and I can get involved in ending animal cruelty... click on the link there you will see how you can get involved. Alternatively; when you are shopping, you can look out for the leaping bunny logo. The leaping bunny is the only internationally recognised certification for cosmetics, household product brands and personal care items that are not tested on animals. On the link to the site, there is a long list of brands/companies whose products are not tested on animals. You can always go on the Peta site as well, if you choose to do so. Here is the link
Some of the animal cruelty free makeup brands that I love are as follows:
Marks and Spencer
The Body Shop
Urban Decay
Jeffree Star
Technic Cosmetics
Too Faced Cosmetics

I am still learning about which other brands are animal cruelty free as there are a lot more now. What brands do you love? What advice do you have for products around the home? For clothes and footwear, I always choose faux fur and leatherette instead of the real thing. If everyone can be more thoughtful in what they purchase; perhaps even buying less of the brands that not animal cruelty free as there’s still a lot that do test on animals such as Estee Lauder, Benefit Cosmetics, Maybelline and so on. Together we can make a change.
Anyway, I think this is enough of me talking for this post and I shall see you next time. xxx


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