Hi peeps!! 

How you doing? I hope you’ve all had a fab week. My week has been all right, just a normal one. 

I recently purchased some new makeup brushes. They are the MODA PRISMATIC FACE PERFECTING KIT. I actually found these in my local Asda store after browsing on their website. They cost £20 which I think is a great price for these. You get 4 brushes in the pack. 

In the above photo, you can see the full packaging so you know what to look for if you ever choose to purchase them. 

They do feel quite sturdy and are light to hold. The Brush 801 has a heavy head but I wouldn’t expect it to be not as it’s much larger than the others. For me personally, I find them easier to grip and hold as my cutlery is angled and have chunky foam handles. I would recommend these type of brushes to anyone who has mobility issues. 
I think they look really pretty too with the way they start of green in the handles and turn pink at the Brush ends. The word MODA is slightly imprinted into the handles as you can just see in the photo. 
The brush fibres feel so soft to touch, especially on the face. I think this is important when finding nice makeup brushes, as you don’t want to use one that feels rough and hard on your skin. 
I love the fact they’re cruelty free and are vegan. It makes my heart very happy knowing animals haven’t been abused. 
The only thing I would say is that I wish they had more sizes in each pack. Everyone has different face sizes and preference for which Brush they use on particular areas of the face. I have seen good reviews on these so far and can’t wait to finally get to use them properly as I’ve only really tested them. You can see me talking more and showing them in my video on my YouTube channel so go over there if you want to hear more. 
Thank you for reading this post and I hope to see you in my next one soon. 😘❤️xxx


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